Shrutika Priyadarshini

Thoughts and Imagination have no limits !




I am a person with high ground morals and an Engineer by profession who likes to write, travel and get involved into adventure sports and an amateur photographer. Blogging happened to me by chance. I like watching movies and am always curious to learn new things.

I have the travelling bug in me which doesn’t let my itchy feet rest. Travelling gives me a new experience.I believe it makes you challenge your potential, makes you witness different culture and interact with people of all kinds of shades. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind and break from your monotonous life.

I have also been involved into social causes. I have been part of few NGO’s and helped the under privileged by teaching them and being a part of their campaigns. I love animals of all kinds.


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Shrutika Priyadarshini

Thoughts and Imagination have no limits !

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Hello Friends !! First I would like to thank which gave me a platform to share my views. My motivation of writing blogs is just to share my views and let’s change the world with new energetic thinking and bring a new Morning. I wish that we all youths combine together and let’s touch the sky, let’s fight against all social evils, corruption and motivate each other to chase their dream. So let’s unite and bring a new charismatic Morning.

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