Almost two and a half years back, I too was nervous and keen into making it into “MuSigma” and starting my new life as an independent individual. I also had alot many questions about the pattern of it’s written exam, interview rounds and also whether I could fit in being an electrical engineer with hands on at “C- programming” only.

I have been getting many anonymous messages ever since I got selected into this very first company of mine. I made sure to answer almost all the queries floating in from numerous people from across the country.

So, this blog will be of help to all those looking for their answers as to what are the rounds for the selection procedure and how to prepare for it. So, to begin with-

Firstly-  There will be a written round which will have aptitude based questions and they will be very simple and scoring. During my time, there were 20 questions and I had 18 right (cut-off was likely to be above 15). However, if you think that you need to practice it before going for the test, then you can pick up any good book for it and start over (final year engineering students, are likely to be in flow as they keep practicing for on campus placements).

Then you will also have 10 or 5 basic questions from C programming. You need to solve most of them right and fetch overall good score ( I had scored 9 out of 10)

Second round- Group Discussion

If you clear this round, think almost 50% of the battle is won as the elimination strength for the number of candidates shortlisted after written falls abruptly, say- to almost 45-50%.  MuSigma, unlike other companies has a very organised way of conducting GD’s ( it makes sure that every individual gets a turn to speak). Make sure to put forth valid points and also put forth examples if any, related to the concerned topic. Do not, raise your voice or point out to someone. Make sure you you are able to convince maximum people and take in their support with your valid points.

The topics can be based on current issues, or abstract like- sandwich, black, red etc.

Third round- Video Synthesis

In this round a hollywood clipping will be shown to you for about 5mins. and you would be given postcards to write 3 main points followed by 3 sub points of each. The points should be relevant to the clipping shown. They basically check whether you are comfortable with the english cilppings or not (as they basically deal with fortune 500 clients and ,many a times during your project, you will have to converse with your clients)

Interview rounds- The number of interview rounds may vary from 2-3. I had 3 rounds of interviews. In the first round, they ask you puzzles, some questions related to your stream of graduation and also few probability based. The puzzles you can prepare from online and please keep your calm while solving them and make sure your approach is loud so that even they can hear it and know whether you are approaching it the right way or wrong. Do not get tensed, no matter what the situation or how many questions are bombarded at you at the same time.

In the second round, you will be asked some questions on “C” ( if you are not very strong at it, be honest and tell them clearly as they have your written test score there. Tell them you worked hard then for the written and that you would continue doing so if selected and it’s required). This round will be held by a person acquiring one of the senior position in the company, so do not try to bluff them-be you. They will then even ask you about business related problems and will ask you to list down factors associated with the same. Some probability based questions can again be a part of this round. Always try approaching every question or situation given to you.

Third and Final round- It was taken by a highly respectable and senior member of the company. It was not much of a personal interview but like a “bajao-session”.

He had gone through my resume thoroughly and had this one question for me which till date I do not know, whether it was a boon because of my honest reply or a blunder- Your percentage is decreasing from 10th till graduation so, if you were in my place would you hire a candidate with this graph.

I started giving explanations as to why it had been decreasing ( though not drastically, apart from my 3rd semester)but he said all he wanted was an answer in yes or no ! I was blank, As the person infront wasn’t ready to hear even an explanation. Leaving it all on God, I replied- No, had I been in your place, I wouldn’t have.

That was the end of my selection process and I was asked to wait outside while the remaining candidates made their way inside the cabin for their rounds.

After waiting for almost half an hour, I was called inside and given the joining letter and a musigma wrist watch. That was the moment for me, I was almost in tears ! ( I still remember, the process of all these rounds after the written had started at 8:30 am and it was 8:30 pm when I was given the letter of joining, a 12 hour long procedure. This was my experience-an ex-musigman now)

Please be you and be confident !

It’s an amazing company to work with- “wo kehte hai na, pehle pyaar and pehli company kabhi nahi bhulaye jaate,they are always special”. MuSigma, has an amazing work culture and it’s a place full of youngsters with spark on their faces and they are all energetic-afterall, they have directly been recruited as freshers.

Working hours are way too hectic since you get to work with the top clients across the world and the average working hours vary from 12-14 hrs a day depending on you project. Since, you work so much in a day- you definitely will get to learn also a lot in a very short span in this company. The scope for learning is never ending and you can approach anyone for help but the learning has to be done by yourself. The switching opportunities become a blessing to musigman after working for more than an year and a half and it’s experience also adds on for MBA aspirants. Very friendly senior management and environment.

Added to it, you rarely get time for yourself and friends and backache issues come as a bonus with this job.

Cheers! All the best to all going for off/on campus musigma drives.

(Feel free to comment and ask your queries 🙂 )