I too have a Life- Let me live!

Yes! This is about me.I am 15 days old and the one who saved me calls me “Birdie”.Today, was a very hot and humid day.I was sound asleep with no worries about food and shelter.Deep down I knew, my parents would come back with food for me and feed me.Suddenly,I was awaken by an attacking crow.It was huge and in order to protect myself,I fell down from my nest which was on the second floor of the building to the ground.I was helpless and scared as I couldn’t fly and hit the ground hard.I was crying with pain and waiting for my parents to return back and take me back home where I would be safe again.They came but were helpless too, as they couldn’t lift me up even a few inches, so carrying me to my nest was far off.They just kept watching me over to protect me from being attacked further.I kept sobbing in pain.I had scars on my body and had wounded my wings.

I prayed deep within to be safe and hoped that atleast some human would show kindness and care and put me back to my nest or take me home.Many people passed by me and even noticed me while parking their 2 wheeler,but none of them stopped by to cure me.They had all switched off their humanity.I kept wondering whether I would be left there to die or would someone stop by to give me shelter.I had lost all hopes as it had been 5hrs from the time I had fallen and it was really dark now.I thought,life had come to an end for me and that mercy would be shown not even by the humans.Suddenly,I saw a human come towards me and then I had hope-Hope of being loved, cared and above all of my survival.

This human tenderly picked me and applied some thing over my feather and wings,which gave me instant relief.But,I still had pain of having departed from my parents,my home.I was so tired that I slept.

The next morning I kept chirping due to hunger and woke this human from her sleep.She opened my mouth and put few rice grains inside my mouth.I couldn’t even eat as the pain was getting worse.

After a few hours,I found myself among many birds-I was among the ones of my kind.I was given medication and some food and then kept inside my new home among many others.I felt relief, atleast from the pain and hunger and also from the fear of dying.I really thanked that human for picking me up that night and giving me another home.I am glad that the world still has few people who have their humanity switched on.
And as for the scars,whenever I will see them,I will remember this day.
(“Afterall,I too have a Life”)