1.Quit your monotonous job: No risk no gain! Yes,we all need to take this step before it’s too late to truly realize our potential and be at the right place.Do what you like. Don’t wait for the right time to make it happen.Do it now.Go and explore yourself.


2.Be responsible atleast for your own cause: You need to take up responsibilities for yourself rather than playing the blame game. It’s always you call to take up the choices given by you. No one on purpose has forced you into it.

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3.Step out of your comfort zone: Until and unless you don’t leave behind the bed of roses and step onto the thorns, you will never realize your capabilities and true potential. You need to challenge yourself.Go for bungee jumping if you fear from height, swimming if you fear the water and so on…

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4.Stop caring about what others think of you: You know yourself best so, stop caring about what your neighbors, colleagues or boss thinks of you. You have it in you what they don’t have and you are special in your own way.

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5.Don’t seek happiness in others: Stop seeking for happiness from others. You need to stop expecting from others or giving them the charge to control your happiness. Happiness is around you, within you-all you need to do is learn to be content and happy by yourself.

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6.Save some money: You need to save some money for your hard times. You need to save it if u plan to start a new venture, write a novel or go solo on a trip (or to checklist all your to do’s items)

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7.Go solo travelling: Travelling is the best experience that life gives you. You meet new people, witness new culture, face challenges, realize your potential, spend some lone quality time which makes you look within and explore yourself in every possible way and enlightens you to do that one thing you have always wanted in your life (goal..!)


8.Make some real great friends: At this age, you know which hand to hold and which to leave. You know that it’s the quality of friends you want and not the quantity in your life. These will be the ones who will be your pillar of support at all times. Make sure to have even one such friend by your side. It will be your biggest asset throughout the journey of life.


9.Take care of your health: We have been busy filling our pockets and bank accounts by working everyday 10-12 hours and not being able to give time to ourselves and family. In the process, we leave behind our loved ones, ruin our health & become use to leading a loner kind of life. We leave behind our youth days by exploiting ourselves in a place which wasn’t meant to be and by ruining our health.It’s always your health and your family first and your boss later. Make sure you always have time to complete your bucket list and pursue your interest and to stay fit.

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10.Get into a relationship: Marriage is not mandatory before you hit 30. Don’t if, you aren’t ready for it. In fact, get into new relationships, if one fails.It might just add some spark into your life and you may end up bumping into your Mr.Perfect and if not that, then atleast you will know what you are truly looking for in your life partner.

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