I,am not here to contradict anyone but am just here to pen down my thoughts about our Indian society,its constitution and the role and challenges faced by GIRLS!
Yes,you got it right…it’s my perceptions put down into this article of the 16th December “DELHI GANG RAPE” of a paramedical student!But, its not just about her but about many other questions running in my mind-It’s about we Indians, our cultures,the constitution and the safety of girls in this Indian society being a major one…

Our Indian society has definitely played a major role in various fields of development & enhancement. It has spread love and even given shelter to the most needy ones but at the same times it’s the same society which elects and votes and makes its own government and its these genius minds with authority in their hands who actually make laws and also at times breaks them.Its the society which builds up beautiful cultures and makes it a place worth living but again its the same society which also makes the living of girls insecure.It’s truly said that a girl is respected in the society as long as she holds a relation of a mother, a sister or a wife.She is considered safe as long as she holds a prestigious or powerful post-say our ministers( making you recall the protest that took place in Delhi recently addressing Sonia Gandhi & Sheela Dixit as the only two being safe in Delhi).A girl is either given a respect of a GODDESS or a VAISHYA in the same Indian society that me and you are a part of.

For incidences like the one which we recently heard of as “THE DELHI GANG RAPE”,where the girl lost her life after many days of struggle to live, we don’t really see the authorities taking any fast action or amending the right laws for the safety of the faires sex as despite that we yet have been coming across many such incidences. All the law says is that for such hideous crime the accused would be sentenced for 10 years imprisonment or a life time imprisonment and death as the only punishment if the victim looses her life.My question is that have these authorities or the constitution forgotten their humanity or is it so that they cant feel the pain a raped girl undergoes.She dies every moment that she tries to live and its no less than loosing your life when you actually loose your identity and respect in your own eyes.

Do we need to raise our voice against this and take law in our hands if the constitution forgets its right duties.Well, the answer is ‘No’, protests are never the right way-but its time we elect the right parliamentary bodies and make this society a better place for all to live especially for Girls who have played various roles in each one of our lives but also truly respect them and help them when most needed than just keeping our eyes closed while passing by them even when they most need us.