True happiness comes from within when you add a smile on someone’s face

18th April, 2015

Ellora’s, Dehradun

I stood outside the shop of Ellora’s taking care of the luggage that we were laden with while my friends were inside the shop doing their part- making orders to fill their tummy. I looked at my watch, it was 12:30 pm, it was a very hot and humid day and the heat was killing me even further since we were all empty stomached as we had to rush to check out from the hotel back then in Mussoorie. Eagerly waiting for my friends to finish with their orders and trying to divert my mind, I began looking here and there, when suddenly I got the sight of an old lady who was begging at the door side of these big malls and restaurants. Begging, definately wasn’t her choice but  she was helpless and seemed laden with her old age and weakness. I felt disgusted with those people then-for they could afford to do shopping with big brands, eat at big lavishing restaurants, ride in expensive four wheelers but none of them stopped by for her.

I was waiting for her to come near me since I couldn’t afford to make a move leaving all the bags and baggage’s there and within minutes she was asking me for help. I didn’t have to give a second shot and without much delay, slipped my hands into my jeans pocket and took out a Rupees 20 note. It might have not been enough for her then, but this was what I could do on my part. I still felt crushed from within when suddenly, I heard my name from within the shop -it was my friend calling out to me asking me if I needed something from the shop and I signed her to come out and that I would go in and do the part myself.

Next, I was inside the shop and my friends were outside doing their task of taking care of the luggage, nibbling on to their pastries and patties and having a little conversation. I could still see the old lady from inside the shop and immediately rushed to make an order of a chocolate pastry and an aloo pattie for the old lady. My hunger by then had died and all I thought of was the lady.

I stepped out of the shop and went up to the lady and gave her the aloo pattie. She smiled and said- shukriya beta, and that finally made me smile from within.

Yes! I too have my lifestyle and I also have a bad habit of wasting food, but I still have that kindness within me to make an effort to help someone in need even if costs me a buck or two.

Today, most of us wear a mask but are we truly happy wearing it. The answer is definately- No. So, let’s take a step ahead to doing things that really make us happy from within without being concerned about what the other person might think of us. Be kind, be helpful, spread happiness and people will someday learn to be like you.