The Ganga Aarti being performed by the Pundits.

Haridwar, the land of God is widely known for the Ganga Aarti being performed there. People from all over the world come there to perform the Ganga Aarti which is a prayer for the river Ganga at Har Ki Pauri Ghat.

I had also traveled all the way from Himachal to Haridwar to meet a school friend of mine. It was basically because of her parents that I had this lifetime opportunity of being a part of the ritual. People generally start coming early to get a good spot in order to get the view of the Puja being done by the Pundits there. However, in my case, my friend’s parents had got the platform or a particular spot at the ghat booked for me already in order to be able to perform the Puja and touch the idol of the river Ganga which is carried out in  “Palkhi” by the Pundits and other people who are present on the platform of the ghat near the river Ganga. When I went there with my friend, I had my spot booked and a Pundit was there to attend me who would further chant the mantras and help me perform the rituals. He began chanting the Sanskrit mantras along with offerings such as cotton, colors, milk, honey, sugar, curd, ghee and some other things.

The Aarti being prepared with cotton, ghee, sugar, honey, milk and other things at the Paathh.

These are basically symbolic offerings so there is not large quantity but just small amount. During the Puja that I was performing as per the directions of the Pundit, I was in a complete spiritual mode. The aura was positive and I was in a peaceful and spiritual state of mind. I had captured the moment forever in my heart and soul. I had literally, never ever witnessed such a spiritual and organized Ganga Aarti and it was a moment to cherish. I literally owed my gratitude to Uncle & Aunty for making this happen to me and being able to experience it from so close.

At the Ghat during the Ganga Aarti…

Soon after this, the Pundits lit the Aartis and I could hear the Ganga Aarti song on the loudspeakers with the background music of bells. This spiritual song was just for 5 mins. during which I could see three or more pundits waving Aarti in front of the river Ganga. The entire crowd at the Ghat goes into a spiritual mode at that instant. It’s a moment when you forget about worldly things and all the chaos going on in your life and leave yourself to God.

The offerings being made to the river Ganga by the name of the person who performs the Puja.

This was a visit I made back in the year 2012 and hence couldn’t pen down the entire feeling that I had back then into exact words. But, I must suggest all of you reading this, that you should definitely witness the Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri Ghat once in your life.

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