This is my story and today on Friendship’s Day, I turned back to the chapters of my life which can’t be erased and made better as they were and are the best.

Some relations are made in heaven and some you make by choice-Friends, are the ones we choose. We all believe in making quality friends, but what if you have quantity also. It’s and added bonus,right! But, with time you eventually filter them out of your friend list and stick by to the ones, who stuck by you in your hard times…

I am blessed with wonderful friends with golden hearts right from the day, I was sent to school. Yes! I was sent to a boarding school at the age of 6 and I cried for days missing my parents, my family. But, little did I know, that this small world where parents had admitted their kids from different parts of the world for their education would then become my second home and second family. A family of good friends, who cried together back then, shared chocolates , grew up listening to fairy tales of same kind, played together,shared notes, made trips and treks, stood by each other even then in times when we committed some crime (breaking school rules…)and also ended up talking about our periods and eventually ended up growing together sharing our aspirations and dreams.

We all grew up with innocent hearts and our minds were all clean, not polluted of the diplomatic world outside those walls and corridors. This basically, was the root of the good old childhood friends that I have earned today.

Friendship Day was a grand and big day for us back then. We would all exchange gifts, sit together and munch over some snacks,cut cakes and smash it on each other’s faces,gift each other with their favorite chocolates and exchange filled cards and posters. It was a way of expressing, how much one truly valued the bond they shared.

I had always been gifted with A box of Ferrero Rocher, which eventually became my favorite and I loved reading filled cards where every line depicted the honesty of feelings and words meant. That little world taught me the importance of words meant and promises kept. It taught me the meaning of true friendship-to be there through thick and thin by a friend’s side. Despite our quarrels, we knew that we had to get back to talking, as that was the family we had chosen.

Today, it’s been almost 10 years or more,that we have all drifted apart and have been occupied in the hustle bustle of our lives.

Ever leaving my second home, I thought I would never meet them again or would never be able to make such amazing friends ahead. But, I was wrong…I was lucky to always have a gem of a friend by my side and we would quarrel and abuse each other but I knew, I had to hang on to the friendship and not give up, as I grew up with this.

Today, people have moved on in their lives but I still stand at the same place in terms of my definition about friendship that I had learned. Some have changed after bitter experiences,some have become self centered but there are still some who call me from miles apart when I need them the most. Just that now, I miss their shoulder to cry upon or a tight hug that I could have got in their presence. I miss those filled cards now and sitting at eating joints smashing cakes on each other’s faces on occasions, the Ferrero Rocher chocolate (still being my favourite…although I can buy it myself, I avoid as even today I am use to it being gifted  by a friend) and those bday bashes or placement celebrations.


We do have get together’s which is very rare but the heart deep down always wishes, that wish we still stood beside each other shoulder to shoulder and holding hands,going out for shopping together or a movie. But, I guess these small get together’s and trips that we plan are still enough to relive all those days. And honestly, this distance is what has now made me filter out my friend list and get the hang on to quality friends on whom I can truly invest each and every second of my life. They are the ones whom I meet after years but, still start our conversation from the point where we left, the ones with whom I am still comfortable going on bike rides or long car drives boozing, feeling the wind go past me, sitting at some eating joints starring some hot guy and doing endless madness.

Just the way you quarrel with your siblings at home, but still end up getting back to them.I believe-Friendship,is not any different, for it’s made by a personal choice, so why not stick by the odds even in it (just that, you shouldn’t be taken for granted…). This is what I learnt as a kid to not let go any good friend for a small quarrel, as the quarrel isn’t more important than the moments that you have lived with your friend. As kids, we never had ego, so why should we bring it now as grownups.

My definition of friendship maybe different but today, I stay blessed with these gems.

I hope you all will also share your stories and comment below with your take on the definition of friendship …!