My mother had suffered pain for 9 months,
My dad showed his concern,
It was then that I was born.

My dad granted all that I wanted,
And that never made me feel unwanted.
I never knew,I had only 6 more years,
To be in his love and enjoy his care.

He made sure to put a smile on my face,
And told me that time was like a race.
He has now gone away like a passing wind,
And in my life he has left imprints.

My mother again is suffering her life’s pain,
And all I can do is cry in vain.
She didn’t know what to do,
And the rest of the world walked off too.

I have spent 18 years,making my mom suffer,
And now I know,I’ve got something to offer.
I can offer her the happiness she lost years ago,
By letting go off, all the naughtiness I know..