“The one across the road !!..he is wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans”. I pointed out to my Mr.Perfect who was running riots in my mind.”The dark one ?”,asked my friend with whom I had been hanging out. “No..”,I said,” the fair one …umm…on the right of the dark one”.Following my friends gaze and finding it fixed on the person I was describing I almost screamed ” Yes- Yes!..that’s the one”.I looked at my friend anticipating her reaction as I felt the same at the moment. “Bloody hell ! where did he come from ?”. I felt a stir in the pit of my stomach ; a premonition of the relationship that was in store for us. Following my instinct , though a bit nervous of walking up to the guy, I gathered all my wit and courage and managed to introduce myself and get acquainted. We seemed to be mesmerized by each other’s presence and ended up exchanging our phone nos.”Rishabh” was his name, the son of one of the most affluent families that always ended up in the gossip columns.However ,that was a month and a half ago and here I was sitting in a candlelit table for two in a dark hall of an elegant and expensive restaurant . The candle shed light on my face and I could see his charming face through the flickering light. His eyes, I noticed were serious and level as though they wanted to tell me something. I could hear my beats,I was nervous of being out on a date with him. I was in a turnmoil and the flickering light of the candle added to the confusion. I was in love with Rishabh and so was he as he had confessed it to my friends and his friends ;but not me. Maybe now he wanted to,the moment I eagerly was waiting for. It was obvious for both of us. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation.
I could sense his nervousness as he was trying to initiate talking to me and began forth speaking about the problem I was facing with my car. He had fixed my car’s transmission a week ago as it had been making a loud noise while changing the gears. I paid little or no attention as I was wishing hard for the beautiful moment to happen- I was waiting for his proposal.Soon i heard a low and husky voice calling me by my name- Yes! it was him. He asked me whether i was quiet aware of all the gossip about us that was going around these days and that he wanted to convert it into reality. Finally he spoke forth the words- “I love you” which my ears were longing to hear but continued saying that before I answer to him and take my life’s biggest decision I ought to know about his past, to know more about him that had been concealed behind my emotions. Before he could continue further about the mystery he had to reveal, I felt a splash of water on my face. Instead of “Rishabh” and the candlelit table there was my mom hollering at me to get out of bed immediately. The innocent act of my mom has always made me wonder to what the guy of my dreams would have said. Perhaps, I shall find it out the day I meet “Rishabh”…Hey! wait…that guy there! the one across the road ! He is wearing a white t-shirt and a blue jeans!