I guess, I have left u readers wondering about the title of my this write up. But, it indeed is amazing and worth enjoying it for every individual – yes ! you…

Nights are my dearest friends when it comes to self-realisation, solitaire life that one needs at some point of the day; or just looking up to the sky that sometime is crowded with so many stars and sometimes just empty, similar to we HUMANS ! I don’t think I have written anything annoying so far or something that u don’t have to respond to and say- Yes ! The night indeed is the best time of the day when we can actually be ourselves. Whether we stay on the roof-top or a lawn or say a bench on the deserted road on the dark ,calm and silence night; either having a view of the neighbour’s roof top, the surrounding trees or the road under the dark velvet sky embroidered with stars, cool breeze ,listening to the song which best defines your mood. This exactly is the perfect time when you talk to yourself, think about all good done and all bad that u have to eradicate the very next day as you begin your day with the very first ray of the sun. Sometimes, even sit by weeping for all your failures and dreams not achieved or for having lost a near and dear one or for having deeply hurt a known or an unknown one you had come across or at times even smiling silently for having conquered your endeavours. Well, who knew that nights could be so illuminating until one day u looked up to the sky and spoke everything held inside, or say cried or laughed like you never had done before. Just you and the darkness around- Not even a fake mask on your FACE in between…

Well, I do now know the illumination as have spoken to the dark starry night and sometimes an empty one; not just once but many a times- not on a deserted road or lawn but on the roof- top.
I have not only smiled for my achievements and the dear ones or fond relations that I got back or have and for it I would look up and thank God; but have even cried my heart out for my failures and the ones I willingly or unwillingly had hurt or for the most dear one that had been taken away from me forever and whom I couldn’t get back-and for all of this I have even Cursed the one hidden behind those dark sky.

It’s at nights that I do often realise how empty or happy I truly have been from within.It’s when at times; before going to bed I know I have to not repeat the same mistakes I had previously done and make a new start with the first ray of the Sun that falls on my eyes tomorrow.It’s when I know I truly have been myself without a mask- just me and the night!

(So, I hope now you know why it’s my friend and I’m sure it’s just not my story but every You reading it…)